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    BZ180 automatic box machine

      BZ180 automatic cartoning machine is continuous operation of automatic horizontal type cartoning machine can be used in toothpaste, shoe polish, medicines, soaps, cosmetics and other tube and bottle products automatic box. Can be adapted to a variety of packaging specifications, easy adjustment. This machine can be connected with the filling and sealing machine, which can be used for filling sealing, filling and sealing, and the automatic production line of the filling machine can be used alone.. This machine can be equipped with a folding machine, automatic coding device, to meet customer needs.

      Technical features

      No tube without box

      No box no tube

      Push pipe overload automatic stop

      Carton chain overload automatic parking

      Automatic parking for transport overload

      Empty box automatic kick except

      Long flat silo automatic feeding box mechanism

      Adapt to a variety of packaging specifications, easy adjustment

      Technical parameters

      Carton size: 120x35x25~240x65x45 mm (length x width x high)

      Production capacity: less than 180 / min

      Motor power: 1.5kw

      Compressed air: consumption of 0.3 m3/min

      Working pressure 0.4~0.5MPa

      Weight: 2300 kg

      Dimensions: 4750x1470x1850 mm (length x width x high)