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GF160 type hose filling sealing machine

  GF160 type tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for aluminum pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe (all plastic tube of toothpaste, food, medicine, cosmetics, shoe polish cream body products automatic filling and sealing. This machine adopts fully enclosed structure, work above the table adopt stainless steel, especially and paste contact part adopts 316L, conforming to GMP standards, especially in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, health industry. Can be connected with the automatic box machine, the filling sealing, automatic production line, can also be used alone.

  Technical features

  Stainless steel quantitative pump, accurate measurement

  Can lift the filling pump, is conducive to the replacement of product specifications

  No tube filling

  Automatic shutdown of inverted tube

  Elevated and elevated heating of the filling station has no lift function

  Can lift the closure of the shelf, is conducive to the replacement of product specifications

  Automatic removal of waste pipe

  PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface

  Fault alarm, overload stop

  Technical parameters

  Hose diameter 16~ Phi Phi 38 mm

  Hose length 60~200 mm

  Tube positioning accuracy less than 1.5 mm

  The quantitative accuracy of filling less than 0.5%

  The production capacity of is less than or equal to 160 cigarettes per cent

  Motor power 3.7 kw

  The number of tube cup 38

  Sealing mode mechanical folding / hot air

  The weight of the equipment 3850 kg

  Size 3150x1500x2400 mm (length x width x height)